Daring Cattle Raid


Random Event

Cattle are the basis of wealth in Orlanthi society, so your people put great effort into safeguarding their herds.  A series of raids can beggar a clan in little to no time.

Event Dialogue

Warriors of the <X> clan make a daring raid into your tula, driving off a small herd of <#> cattle before your own defenders can react.
  1. Do nothing.
  2. Launch a punitive raid against the <X> clan.
  3. Send a delegation to threaten them.
  4. Send a delegation to urge them to cease their raiding.
  5. Send for shamans to curse the <X>.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Doing nothing lowers morale as the clan grows poorer as a whole.
  • Launching a raid is definitely a drastic action.  Success will regain lost cattle, improve clan morale, and convince the <X> to leave your cattle alone, though your relationship with <X> worsens.  Failure results in a loss of morale, worsening of relations with <X> and possible wounds/death to your warriors.
  • If you have the power, threatening the <X> may convince them to return your cattle, especially if your weaponthanes outnumber theirs.  However, if the threat fails, your clan loses face.
  • Persuasion may be the best choice if you trust your delegates to urge the cessation of raiding.  There is no combat, and both sides save face.  However, failure may result in more raids in the future.  After all, only the weak try to talk.
  • No action is probably the worst action, but if your warriors, nor delegates have the wherewithal to affect change, then shamans may be the best course of action.  Of course, that assumes shamans come at your call.  You will then be given a choice whether to tell the <X> if you are responsible or not. 

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