There are many branches/decisions that can lead to this event.  When Sora Goodseller announces the formation of other tribes, your decisions can lead directly to this place.

This is it, the time of battle.  Your tribal warriors are eager to spill blood, but don't think your foe is underprepared. 

Event Dialogue

Our king/queen has declared war against the <Enemy>.  The day of battle is upon us.
  1. Commit as little as possible to the battle.
  2. Volunteer for an assignment that is risky, but not too risky.
  3. Volunteer to give magical aid instead of risking warriors.
  4. Volunteer to spearhead the attack.
  5. Let the king/queen decide how you will participate.

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  The enemy can be another tribe, the Beastfolk, the trolls, the Horse-Spawn or some other foe.


  • Committing little will keep your weaponthanes and magic safe, but if your tribe loses, you may face other punishment and loss of reputation for holding back.  Victory will net you minor spoils and reputation.
  • Volunteering for an assignment of intermediate risk is the middle course.  There is a chance to lose warriors, but you won't lose as many if you go with option 4.  Victory will gain you a modest amount of goods and reputation, while loss will lose you some warriors, but at least your reputation won't suffer since you didn't hold back. 
  • Offering magical aid in the form of cattle, goods, or thralls is a good alternative; especially if you don't have many warriors.  If your magic turns the tide of battle, you will gain a good amount of goods and reputation (similar to option 3), but failure will result in the loss of goods, and loss of reputation since your magical efforts were wanting.
  • The greatest reward for the greatest risk, offer to spearhead the attack.  Victory will earn you the lion's share of spoils, and reputation.  However, a win may still lose up to one-tenth of your warriors as you bear the brunt of the attack.  Failure will lose a great number of warriors (especially weaponthanes), though your reputation should stay intact.
  • Letting the king/queen decide will earn their disposition, but the choice may not be to your liking. 

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