Demon Wine
Blame it on the drink.


Random Event

Only in Glorantha may one's alcohol not only be called spirits, but actually contain them...

Event Dialogue

There is something wrong with a shipment of wine you got in trade from the <X clan>.  It has driven some of the people who drank it into a frenzy.  They've trampled the crops, and some of them have wounded others in their feverish state.  Some say that bad spirits were seen hovering over those affected by this madness.
  1. Demand compensation from the <X clan>. 
  2. Pour out the remaining crazy wine.
  3. Sacrifice to gods for protection from bad spirits.
  4. Send for shamans to exorcise bad spirits.
  5. Use trickster magic to send the spirits elsewhere.

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  Option 5 only appears if you have a trickster on your clan ring.


  • If you have good relations with <X>, or have a persuasive ring member, you should get compensation.  However, be reasonable about the amount, or else the other clan will refuse compensation.  As always, there is a possibility the <X> will dismiss you out of hand.
  • Possibly the worst choice, pouring the alcohol onto the ground can increase the amount of Chaos in your tula.  Additionally, a certain number of your people will be wounded or sick.
  • A successful sacrifice will minimize the amount of people hurt or sick from the demon drink.
  • Shamans, if the come at all, can also work.  However, they tend to charge a good amount for their time.
  • Trickster magic can work quite well, although the spirits are only redirected.  You may have another clan approaching you for compensation as well since they might get hit by the now expelled spirits.

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