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Life is tough in Dragon Pass, and many children find themselves orphaned at a young age.   Most have clans that will still care for them, and mold their future...

Note:  This series of events only occurs in the Long Game of King of Dragon Pass.

Event Dialogue

Derik, a young boy of your clan, is the only member of his family to return from a visit to his mother's kinfolk among the <X>.  On their return, they were attacked by Sable Riders, nomads from the eastern desert of Prax.  They mercilessly slew everyone, and would have killed Derik if he hadn't played dead.  Derik swears that, when he grows up, he will avenge himself on the evil nomads of Prax.
  1. Comfort Derik
  2. Compose a poem in honor of the slain. 
  3. Conduct a divination
  4. Sacrifice to the gods for protection from the Praxians
  5. Send a war party to kill Sable Riders

King of Dragon Pass


  • It is natural to comfort Derik, but you will find him filled with vengeance.
  • A poem, if done well, can memorialize someone almost indefinitely.  Failure demeans the memory of the fallen.
  • A successful divination will hint at Derik's future, one the clan can help shape.
  • If you are suffering excessive Praxian raids, a well-received sacrifice will definitely aid you.
  • Sending a war party, assuming they find the Praxians, can recover the stolen treasure.  However, this may also anger the Praxians, and increase their raids.

Note:  This is the first in an arc continued in Derik II: the Praxian-Hater.

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