Derik II: the Praxian-Hater


Chain Event

Previous Orphaned
Next Following One's Path

The events of childhood can guide one's footsteps into the future, whether it be into the light or dark.

Event Dialogue

Derik, whose family was slain by Sable Riders, is now a man.  He is a promising warrior, to say the least.  But the older weaponthanes call him "Derik Single-Path," because he is headstrong and follows his own way.  He talks only of vengeance on the Praxians.  He fights half-heartedly against other foes.  He is rude to his elders, and prone to disappearing for long periods of time.  "He is an asset to the clan," says <War Leader>, "but a troublesome one."
  1. Do nothing
  2. Praise Derik's pride and stubbornness
  3. Scold Derik for his pride and stubbornness
  4. Send Derik on a raid against Sable Riders
  5. Tell the weaponthanes to let him be

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you do nothing, things stay in the status quo.  It is possible some of your weaponthanes may be disgruntled, but I haven't confirmed this.
  • Pride and stubbornness are often praised by Orlanthi but one must be careful it doesn't lead to recklessness.
  • Sometimes one must remind weaponthanes that pride isn't everything.  Derik may take this to heart...or he may disagree.  However, Derik will remember whether he felt 'enlightened' or 'punished'.
  • Possibly the best choice, any raid sent out by Derik will be met with great success.  However, this may make the Praxians take greater notice of you.
  • If you tell them to leave him alone, your weaponthanes may be chastised, realizing Derik may be in the right.  Then again, if your words don't go over well, they will be displeased by the attention shown to Derik.

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