Derik III: Following One's Path


Chain Event

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If life is harsh in a clan, it is almost suicidal to head-off alone.  And yet, that is what one's fate sometimes requires...

Event Dialogue

Derik Single-Path, who has distinguished himself in many raids, comes before the clan ring and says that he is leaving.  "I thank you for raising me and making me a good Orlanthi.  Now I must move on, for I have become as strong as I can among a clan of Dragon Pass.  I must go out into the world and find new tests for myself, so I can strengthen my powers against the misbegotten raiders of Prax.  I ask now for your blessing, before I go."
  1. Give Derik a parting gift.
  2. Give him permission to leave
  3. Persuade him to stay
  4. Sacrifice to the gods to protect Derik on his travels
  5. Give him a parting magical blessing

King of Dragon Pass


  • You may try to persuade Derik to stay, but you will find his fate lies elsewhere.
  • Though part of your clan, no one has to ask permission to leave.  However, by giving permission you let him know you still consider him a member, however distant, and not an outlaw.
  • Leaving, especially on his own, is difficult in Dragon Pass.  By giving a treasure, sacrifice to the gods, or a magical blessing (Options 1, 4, 5), you tie your destiny in with Derik's...and a hero's deeds rebound on a clan's in such a case (such as an increase in magic later).

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