Derik IV: Jaldon Interlude


Chain Event

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Just as one's experience can help define them, there are others who are just as capable of making their mark on history.

Event Dialogue

A warrior from the <X> comes to report that a terrible force of Praxian raiders is cutting a swath through the clans to the south.  The raiders are led by Jaldon Goldentooth, a legendary hero who some say is a personification of death itself.  Goldentooths' raiders have devastated the clans they've ridden through—and they're coming this way.

1.  Offer tribute to Goldentooth if he will bypass your tula.
2.  Sacrifice to the gods, so that Goldentooth will attack elsewhere
3.  Send a force to fight Goldentooth before he arrives
4.  Send noncombatants to a distant clan
5.  Set traps throughout the tula to thwart Goldentooth's invasion

King of Dragon Pass


There are a lot of variables that can go right or wrong here.

  • It is not advisable to bribe Goldentooth.  Even if he accepts the bribe and leaves your tula alone, your noble and escort may not come back.  Your reputation amongst the other clans will suffer greatly, likely down to Bad King Urgrain levels.  And if he doesn't take your bribe?  Prepare to see a great loss in cows, goods, warriors, even some of your ring members.
  • If so inclined, the gods might send Goldentooth elsewhere.  Of course, the gods can be capricious in their decisions, and send Goldentooth your way. At the very least, other clans won't know what you tried to do.
  • Possibly the worst choice, your warriors and their warleader don't stand a chance.  And if Goldentooth turns his attention on your tula?  More loss in cows, goods, population, etc.
  • Sending your noncombatants to a distant clan will at least safeguard them, though Goldentooth may still ravage your tula.
  • Setting traps may be the best choice.  While you may lose a few warriors, the fact that you prepared ahead of time will convince Goldentooth's raiders to go elsewhere.

Note:  There is no way around this event, though you may certainly mitigate its effects.  As far as has been determined, there is no way to defeat Jaldon in battle.

The next sequence in this arc is Derik V: Clan Reconstruction.

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