Derik V: Clan Reconstruction


Chain Event

Previous Jaldon Interlude
Next Hero's Retribution

Jaldon Goldentooth's reach is long, and for an unfortunate clan utterly devastating.  You have just become aware of their plight, and your own responses says a lot about your own clan.

Event Dialogue

Your traders go to visit the clan attacked by Jaldon Goldentooth and find devastation there.  The <X> clan has seen one in five of its warriors slain, and many others wounded.  Its fortifications have been severely damaged.  The raiders drove off many herds of animals and looted the stead.

1.  Demand tribute from them
2.  Give them food
3.  Give them trade goods
4.  Lend them services of your weaponthanes
5.  Send carls to help rebuild their fortifications
6.  Do nothing

King of Dragon Pass


  • In their weakened state, the devastated clan is certain to give you tribute.  Needless to say, they will remember this, and look for ways to strike back at you.
  • Any substantial aid, whether it be food, trade goods, service of weaponthanes, or rebuilding will certainly earn you the good will of the afflicted.  However, when giving charity, be sure it doesn't hurt you.  For example, if you send carls to help rebuild the fortifications, they won't be home to make sure the crop is brought in. 
  • Doing nothing neither harms you, nor helps you.  Still, history remembers the generous and the greedy alike.

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