Derik VI: Hero's Retribution


Chain Event

Previous Clan Reconstruction
Next Deathbed

A figure who struck out on his own years ago, returns, vengeance on his mind.  It will be up to you to share in his success or failure.

Event Dialogue

A figure from your clan's past returns triumphantly.  Derik, who left your clan so long ago, when his family was slain by sable nomads from Prax, has now gathered a band of nomad warriors.  He is now called Derik Furman after all of the hides of his slain enemies he and his followers have taken as trophies.  He wants to fight Jaldon Goldentooth, the deadly hero of the Praxians, and he seeks your help in doing so.  "It will be a legendary battle," he says, "One that I will win.  When I do, if you have helped me, your clan magic will be strengthened."

1.  Give him wealth
2.  "It is not our fight."
3.  Lend him warriors
4.  Sacrifice so that the gods may aid him
5.  "We have suffered already from Jaldon."
6.  Give him a treasure.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Options 2 and 5 essentially removes your clan from Derik's revenge.  As a consequence, Derik's success will be his alone.
  • Options 1, 3, 4, and 6 aid Derik (though if you pick Option 6 you will lose a treasure of your choice as Derik sells it to raise troops).  Any assistance, though, will be greatly appreciated by Derik.

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