Derik VIII: Final Farewell


Chain Event

Notable Rewards Hunting Horn
Previous Deathbed

Now fully healed, Derik expresses his gratitude before leaving for good...

Event Dialogue

Derik, now recovered from his wounds, prepares to leave.  "I can never thank you properly for all you have done for me.  When I was a child, this clan protected me.  When my battle with Jaldon made me weaker than a child, you brought me back to health.  We go now, down to Prax, where we will take the battle to the nomads.  But before we leave, I wish to give you a gift.  What shall it be?"

1.  Ask for a treasure
2.  Ask for cattle
3.  Ask for magic
4.  Ask for silver
5.  "You have given us enough of a gift already, by destroying Jaldon."

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you choose cattle or silver, Derik will reward you, though it may take some time for him to acquire the means to do so.
  • If you ask for magic, Derik will give you a substantial sum of magic.
  • If you ask for a treasure, you will find Derik's Hunting Horn imbued with magic.
  • The final option gives no physical reward, but it increases your clan's renown throughout Dragon Pass


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