Discovering Dwarf Valley
Yes, those are cannon.


Exploration Event

Area Dwarf Valley
Next Dwarf Shaft

Roughly halfway to the Stinking Forest, your explorers may come across a place which is ominously quiet, though obviously not empty.

Event Dialogue

Your explorers stumble across a bizarre sight to the northwest.  It is a huge mountain face with a number of huge doors.  Enormous statues sit outside, as if watching visitors.  The big metal cylinders pointing out of the mountain face might be weapons of some kind.  There is no sound coming from inside the mountain.
  1. Continue to explore area, in search of a back entrance.
  2. Force the doors open.
  3. Knock the doors open.
  4. Leave well enough alone.
  5. Tell other clans about this place.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you try to knock or force open the doors, you will find the gesture a bit ineffectual. If your searcher is skilled enough, you will then go to the Dwarf Shaft.  It is possible not to find anything.  A Vingan explorer or an Odaylan may have the best chance to find this entrance.
  • If you leave well enough alone, nothing further should happen to you.
  • Other clans may be interested in your location, raising their opinion of you due to your exploration efforts.
  • There is more to search for, though you have to decide to continue to explore (Option 1).  If you do so, this opens the possibility of getting a couple treasures.


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