Divorce Dowry
Divorce dowry


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Divorce can be a nasty business sometimes...

Event Dialogue

Divorces are not uncommon in Orlanthi society. What is uncommon is the screaming rancor that marks the divorce of <X> and <Y>. <Y>, who is kin to several ring members of the <Z> clan, insists that <X> return her dowry ~ the exact ten cows she brought with her. Since they were married a decade ago, and those specific cows have long since departed for the land of the dead, her insistence is less than reasonable.
  1. Argue that she is misusing the law.
  2. Ask the <Z clan> to help calm her down.
  3. Chide her for making preposterous demands.
  4. Help him pay her twice the original dowry.
  5. Keep the ring out of this mess.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If your persuasion succeeds, you can convince the woman she is misusing the law.  The woman will calm down, and agree to a more reasonable settlment.  Failure will just have her press her claim that much harder.
  • You can ask the <Z> clan to help calm her down, but if you are feuding/on the verge of a feud with them, chances are they will take her side.
  • Where persuasion fails, chiding may work better.  Success will have her agree to a more reasonable amount, and failing has her press her claim further.
  • The easiest, if most expensive course, would be to just pay double the dowry.
  • Even if you try to state this is not the ring's business, the woman's clan will hold you responsible for not helping resolve things.  This revenge may take various forms, one of which is Unknown Arsonists.

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