Dragonewt: Body Claim


Chain Event

Previous Dragonewt Body Armor

Dragonewts experience a cycle of death and rebirth, gaining power with each incarnation.  However, they have a strong attachment to their bodies, and don't like it when someone else puts a claim on it...

Event Dialogue

A dragonewt appears at your boundaries and demands the return of his old body.  "You have something of mine," it hisses, "My old body.  Come here to recover it.  Give now -- both of us avoid entanglement."
  1. Attack the dragonewt
  2. Offer it compensation
  3. "We don't have your body"
  4. "We have it, but we're not going to give it to you."
  5. Let the dragonewt have its old body.
  6. Insist that it compensate you for the body.

King of Dragon Pass

Variant:  There is an additional option of this dialogue if you gave/sold the body to another clan.  Essentially, you can tell the Dragonewt where it went, or refuse to tell him where the body is.


  • The dragonewt is powerful, so if you attack it, you may face losses, or even defeat. Win or lose, this does anger the dragonewts, though.  If slain, you have another dragonewt body, one which you can try to trade away, or make another set of armor.  So far, it seems you can't make a second suit if you have armor made from the first event, so you may be best off to trade the body.
  • If you try to offer it compensation, it refuses, citing 'no entanglements.'
  • You can lie about not having the body, but the dragonewt will know you are lying, saying it can follow its body anywhere.
  • If you are honest, the dragonewt accepts this, and leaves.  However, the dragonewt will return and repeat this event a second time.
  • If you didn't do anything with the body, and left it alone, you can simply hand it back to the dragonewt.  Or, if you have the Dragonewt Body Armor, you can return it as well.  Either situation will have a positive impact on the dragonewts.
  • The dragonewt refuses compensation; he simply wants his body back.

Variant:  The dragonewt will arrive at the clan you named, and demand the body back.  There will be a fight, and some members of the other clan will be harmed, worsening relations with you.


  • If you gave the Dragonewt Armor away in an event, then this encounter will not happen. 
  • If you killed the dragonewt, or refused to give back its body, there is a third chain which is a repeat of this conversation.  However, in that round, if you manage to kill the dragonewt a third time, no clan will accept the body, whether in trade, or a free gift.  Then, your people burn the dragonewt's body, which prevents any further appearances..

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