Dragonewt Body Armor


Random Event

Notable Rewards Dragonewt Armor
Next Dragonewt: Body Claim

Dragonewts are inherently magical creatures, and it should be no surprise that if you come across one of their bodies, some of your craftsmen might have an idea or two what to do with it....

Event Dialogue

Explorers from your clan find the body of a dragonewt warrior lying in a stream bed inside the boundaries of the tula.  Some of them have heard that it is possible to make magical armor from the hide of a dragonewt.  However, they don't want to touch or move the body without first seeking advice from the ring.
  1. Destroy the body.
  2. Give it to another clan.
  3. Leave it alone.
  4. Trade it to another clan.
  5. Try to make magical armor from its hide.

King of Dragon Pass


No matter what you do, you will have a follow-up event which the original owner of the body will show up:Dragonewt: Body Claim.  What happens will depend on what you did with its body.

  • You may destroy the body.  You won't have to suffer the return of the original owner, but neither can you benefit from it.
  • The dragonewt body is definitely worth something, so gifting it to another clan will raise their esteem.  However, the other clan may choose not to accept the gift.
  • There is no shame leaving it alone, and depending on your ancestral relations with the dragonewts, it may be for the best.
  • The body is definitely worth something so you can get a decent amount of trade goods from trading it away.
  • If you wish for a treasure which will strengthen someone, try to make magical armor out of it.  Note that success isn't guaranteed on its crafting.  Additionally, you may pick only one person to wear it, so you may wish to pick someone young to get the most years out of it.


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