The Dragonewts Wildlands is a Dragon Pass region dominated by the Dragonewts.  This land has opportunities willing to brave the haunts of the dragonkin.

Dragon Pass Map

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The Dragonewt Wilds are located to the northwest of your tula, north of Upland Marsh.


You can explore the Dragonewt Wilds with some initial success, but prolonged searching will incite a Dragonewt attack that can cause great harm to your party.  Further encounter can even have the Dragonewts warn you, threatening a final day of reckoning that they have the means to follow up on.

You may improve relations with the Dragonewts through the Issaries heroquest, making sure to pick Dragonewts from the list of outsiders.


Silver Dragon Statue


However, this isn't the only treasure you find:

Note: The odds of receiving these treasures are dependent on your relations with the dragonewts.

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