Dragonewts: Bard Wanted


Random Event

Happens when Good relations with Dragonewts

Dragonewts are inscrutable at the best of times, but every so often they do have need of the newcomers...

Event Dialogue

Dragonewts come to your tula and say, “<X> must be ours.  Give her back after.  Poems he must write for us.  You ask why, we hiss at you and flare crests.  Give <X> now, promise not be eaten.”
  1. Allow <X> to go with them.
  2. Ask for payment.
  3. Ask them why they want a poet.
  4. Give them gifts.
  5. Refuse them.

King of Dragon Pass


If this event occurs, you can take it as a good sign that your relations with the dragonewts are going well. 

  • If you ask for payment, the dragonewts will recompense your clan after they are through with your bard.
  • If you ask why they want the bard, the dragonewts will flare their crests and hiss at you.
  • Your bard may die if you let them go. The dragonewts will return their bones and give you goods as compensation. Alternatively, the bard will return safely, but they will be gone a full year, and you won't have their abilities to use on the ring. (It seems the bard returns with higher skills -- Unconfirmed)
  • Don't bother giving gifts. Generosity is an Orlanthi virtue, but the dragonewts don't like "entanglement".
  • You may refuse to let your bard go.  Nothing immediate happens, but it does worsen relations (such as they are) with the dragonewts.

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