Dragonewts: Dire Warning


Scripted Event

Happens when Bad relations with dragonewts
Next Dragonewts: Clan Destruction

Be aware that there comes a time when you can push someone too far, or scour their lands for goods that belong to them.  When their patience is at an end, they let you know...

Event Dialogue

Dragonewt emissaries appear at your clan hall to warn you to avoid offending them further.  "We wish avoid entanglements your world," the high-status lizardman croaks, "But make impossible.  Any more worse, we make all die.  Made all die before when offense too great.  Will again, you not stop."
  1. Make no promises
  2. Offer them gifts as a token of apology
  3. Promise not to offend them any further
  4. Threaten them in return
  5. Perform the heroquest where Issaries reconciles Long-Tooth and Long-Nose

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  If you haven't learned Issaries the Concilliator (myth), then option 5 won't appear on the list.


If you've gotten this event, then matters are on a precarious slope with the dragonewts.  A few things to bear in mind:

  • Dragonewts have little use for your treasure, and wouldn't accept it anyway.
  • You can make all the promises you want (or don't), but actions speak louder than words as far as the dragonewts are concerned.
  • If you have access to the Issaries the Concilliator heroquest, you can make peace with the dragonewts.  Be aware that a failed quest won't help mattes at all.
  • Threatening the dragonewt emissaries is a death wish, and initiates the chain of events leading to your clan's destruction.  At least with the other options, you have time to rectify matters.


You arrive at this state of affairs by being rather antagonistic with the Dragonewts.  This usually happens two ways.  The first is excessive exploration of the Dragonewt Wilds.  The other is being combative (sometimes literally) in events.

Of course, there are a few treasures available in the Dragonewt Wilds, so you may wish to do the save/reload feature in game. 

However, some may consider the above cheating, but one way to put things in your corner is to perform Issaries the Concilliator, choosing to make peace with Outsiders:  Dragonewts.

If you do threaten the emissaries, then after a span of time, you get Dragonewts: Clan Destruction.

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