Dragonewts: Ritual


Random Event

Among the most enigmatic beings in Dragon Pass, it can be quite difficult to understand the motivations of the dragonewts.

Event Dialogue

A trio of strange beings has eluded your patrols.  These lizard-men are probably the dragonewts you've heard legends about.  For twelve hours they have been enacting a mysterious ritual on your lands.
  1. Clear the area until they leave.
  2. Conduct a ritual to counter their magic.
  3. Try to communicate with them.
  4. Try to kill them.
  5. Watch them until they leave.

King of Dragon Pass


Currently, it is unknown what the dragonewts's ritual is meant to accomplish.

  • Leaving the area means nothing is done to the ritual, but it doesn't worsen relations with them.
  • You can try to counter the ritual, but without knowing what the dragonewts were trying to accomplish, it is hard to know whether you hurt or help them.  However, it is possible that interfering with the ritual will worsen relations.
  • You will find the dragonewts unwilling to communicate, engrossed as they are in their ritual.
  • Killing them will most likely be successful, increasing your clan magic if you have a negative attitude about dragons.  A positive dragon attitude will decrease your clan magic.  This action definitely worsens relations with the dragonewts.
  • You will find the dragonewts have no issue if you watch them


I think this is wonderful. Good things are sure to follow.

–Dragon-loving Ring Member, King of Dragon Pass

Run and hide. We must run and hide. Run. And Hide.

–Cowardly Ring Member, King of Dragon Pass

Hey! They're stealing our honey!

–Ring Trickster, King of Dragon Pass

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