Random Event

One of the greatest disasters the Orlanthi may face is drought.  If it is persistent, then your clan faces starvation, and you must do something to feed your people for the year.

Event Dialogue

Many weeks have passed without rain.  Your once-green pastures are now brown.  Your cops are dying.  Starvations looms if the drought doesn't end soon.
  1. Go raiding for extra food
  2. Make sacrifices to Heler
  3. Perform the Orlanth and Aroka ritual
  4. Petition other clans for food aid
  5. Propitiate Daga, enemy god of Drought and Famine
  6. Wait out the drought

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  If you didn't learn the Orlanth and Aroka tale, then option 3 will not be available.


  • If you are victorious during the raid, you will gain food, but anger your opposite clans.  If you fail, you lose men, still starve, and anger your opponents.
  • Sacrifices to Heler may work, but like any other god, he may not grant his favor.
  • The Orlanth and Aroka heroquest can definitely work, but there is always a risk in any heroquest.  However, if successful, you shouldn't face any drought for at least three years.
  • If you are relatively good terms, then other clans will aid you.  However, if the drought is extensive, they may not have anything to give.
  • Propitiating Daga may work, but he is one of the deities that the more he gets, the more he desires. You may also soon face Angry Priests.
  • If you have extensive stores of food, you can wait out the drought.  However, some droughts can last a long time.

Note:  Sometimes giving sacrifices to gods, like the Blast Earth blessing of Maran Gor can cause it to backfire on you...or if another clan's god-talkers might direct such a curse your way.  For that matter, breaking certain promises in certain events may invite disaster as well.

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