Drought Relief Sought


Random Event

When disaster looms, sometimes it behooves Orlanthi to look beyond their own lands, and give a helping hand to another clan.

Event Dialogue

Emissaries from the faraway <Y> clan petition you for help.  Their corner of Dragon Pass is plagued by drought.  Before the drought spreads, they want to sponsor a heroquest, in which a great holy warrior of Orlanth will enter the Godplane.  There, he will help Orlanth rescue the rain god, Heler, from the belly of Aroka the dragon.  They want you to lend your prayers to the ritual that opens the door to the timeless realm of the Gods.
  1. Decline without comment.
  2. Declines because your magic is at a low ebb.
  3. Promise to sacrifice to Orlanth as the ritual begins.
  4. Send a few worshippers to the ritual.
  5. Send many worshippers to the ritual.

King of Dragon Pass


  • When help is sought, a clan may decline.  However, if you need help in the future, don't be surprised if there are strings attached.
  • It is fine to decline if your magic is low.  However, if you are lying, then others will react badly to the lie.  Better to simply decline.
  • Your sacrifices definitely can help in the ritual, and the faraway clan will respect you, even if the ritual fails.
  • Sending worshippers (Option 4 and 5) is more likely to make the ritual work, as well as gain the respect of the faraway clan.  The more worshippers, the greater the chance of success.  However, if the ritual fails, then it isn't uncommon for worshippers to die (once again, the greater the number of worshippers, the more that may be harmed if they die). 
  • If you lose worshippers, your clan magic may decline as well.  If they succeed, it may increase (needs verification).

Note:  If the ritual fails, it is possible for the drought to spread, leading to your own Drought.

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