Drunk Justice


Random Event

Though the Orlanthi like to drink, many of them should learn moderation...

Event Dialogue

Warriors of the <X> clan burst into the stead of <Y>, one of your prominent carls.  They beat him severely and slash him with their swords.  They also hurt his wife, <Z> when she tries to intervene.  They flee before other defenders can be roused to fight them.  <Z> says that they are taking vengeance on <Y> for beating one of their clan-mates after a drunken meeting in the forest lands outside your tula.
  1. Encourage <Y> to sponsor poetic revenge.
  2. Encourage <Y> to sponsor violent revenge.
  3. Launch a legal claim against the attackers.
  4. Launch a punitive raid against the <X> clan.
  5. Persuade <Y> to forswear vengeance.

King of Dragon Pass


Something to bear in mind is that Orlanthi seem to prefer vengeance over forgiveness, so you will find such choices easier to succeed.

  • Your people count on the ring for support, but you may not wish to escalate what is essentially a family feud to open warfare.  If that is the case, then encouraging <Y> to take poetic revenge may be the best choice.  Success will raise clan morale, but is definitely harder to achieve than a more physical option.
  • If you would prefer to show your support in a more direct fashion, then you can encourage <Y> to take violent revenge.  Whether you are successful or not, though, tensions will worsen withthe  <X>.
  • A rather tough choice to get in your favor, you may wish to pursue a legal claim against the attackers if you.  Success will net you some goods, as well as not creating anymore bloodshed.  Don't be surprised if your lawsuit fails, though, especially if you are on bad terms with the <X>.
  • If you are sure of your might, then you can lead a punitive raid against the <X>.  Success will gain you a good amount of goods, as well as the goodwill of your clan.  Failure will worsen clan morale, not to mention wounded and dead warriors.  Success or failure, your relations obviously worsen with the <X>.
  • Possibly the hardest choice, but the best long-term results, you can try to convince <Y> to forswear his vengeance.  Success will lead to peace, and the morale of your clan improves.  Failure, however, has <Y> continue his vengeance...and the recurrence of this event.

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