Duck: Arsonists


Random Event

Happens when Bad relations with ducks

It doesn't take much for a feud to escalate...

Event Dialogue

A barn on the outer perimeter of the tula is burned to the ground.  Witnesses report that ducks were seen running from the scene.  No doubt they belong to the clan ruled by the duck chieftain, <X>.
  1. Demand compensation from <X>
  2. Demand that <X> punish the arsonists
  3. Do nothing
  4. Increase patrols
  5. Order Longtail to deliver the arsonists to you

King of Dragon Pass


  • You can certainly demand an accounting from the ducks (whether it is paid compensation, or punishing the guilty), but unless you have overwhelming strength, odds are the ducks will ignore you.
  • The other recourse is to increase patrols or just do nothing.

Note:  This event only occurs when you have bad relations with the Ducks.  It is possible to improve matters, though it takes time.

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