Duck: Duelist


Random Event

Happens when Bad relations with ducks

Though shorter, ducks can be fearsome fighters...and just as vengeful as any Orlanthi.

Event Dialogue

Three ducks enter the clan hall, squawking furiously.  The leader presents himself as Greenslash, a Humakti Deathlord of the Upland Marsh.  "I'm tired of hearing your warriors laugh at us.  I've spent my whole life killing undead so that you ignorant dirt-farmers can sleep without waking up six feet under marshwater.  No more jokes.  I challenge your finest warrior to a duel to the death.  Let's see if you'll be laughing then.  And don't bother sending out your hairy faces and healer-women to try and talk me out of this.  I'm not in the mood."
  1. Accept the challenge, but only to first blood
  2. Accept the challenge
  3. Refuse the challenge; ask if he's heard the one about Orlanth and the three eggs
  4. Refuse the challenge; escort Greenslash off the tula
  5. "You are not a proper Orlanthi warrior and have no right to challenge us to a duel"

King of Dragon Pass


No matter what you choose, the duelist is out for blood. 

  • You may accept the challenge, even stipulate the conditions, but you will find the duck is under an enchantment to slay the first opponent he encounters.
  • However, if you send a Weaponthane first, he will kill him, and ask if you have stronger opponent for him. His enchantment only works for the first opponent he encounters, so one of your ring members can kill him (provided the ring member has enough combat)
  • On rare occasions the duck is not under an enchantment and your duelist actually wins.
  • Though you may make a joke at his expense, or state he is not a proper Orlanthi, Greenslash is one to see his course of action through.  If you try to escort him off your tula, then he will lash out, and possibly kill one of the ring members. 


Most encounters usually lead is ended in a fight, or a ring member dead, but others have reported their duelist winning (and the duck wasn't enchanted).

Also, you can come across this event from having poor relations with the ducks. 

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