Duck: Wergild


Random Event

The ducks are just as Orlanthi as their human neighbors, and this includes matters of justice...

Event Dialogue

A delegation of <X> Ducks come to your clan hall demanding redress for the slayings of their kinsmen.  <#> ducks were killed by nobles of your clan, or so they allege.  They say that they are as Orlanthi as we, and demand compensation for these killings.  They say that the slain were nobles and deserving the full wergild of a warrior thane, 20 cows, paid in silver.
  1. Pay a carl's wergild for each dead duck.
  2. Pay a cottar's wergild for each dead duck.
  3. Pay a thane's wergild for each dead duck.
  4. Reject their claim.
  5. Demand tribute from them.
  6. Offer to pay in cattle.

King of Dragon Pass


  • The ducks will accept a carl's or cottar's wergild, but relations will worsen with the ducks because you didn't treat them with full respect as you would a human.
  • Paying a full thane's wergild shows respect, and may even increase relations with the ducks.
  • Rejecting their claim outright is another way to worsen relations.
  • Demanding tribute will cause the greatest problem in relations.  The ducks may capitulate if you are much stronger, but needless to say they will be pretty hostile to you.
  • Though they are Orlanthi, ducks have little use for cattle, living in a swamp as they do.

Note:  Continued aggression against the ducks can lead to events where they raid you, and call on their Beastfolk allies.

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