Duck eggs
Trader accusations


Random Event

An unexpected trade offer.

Event Dialogue

<name>, a trader of the <clan name>, comes to you with an unusual offer. "I have an extraordinary item that might interest you. It´s duck eggs. Not the little kind, the kind that hatch into the big talking ducks. I have two, and want to trade them as a pair."
  1. Dicker with him, going no higher than 40 cows worth of goods.
  2. Dicker with him, going no higher than 60 cows.
  3. Offer to trade him your treasure for the eggs.
  4. Politely decline his offer; give him hospitality.
  5. Refuse to dicker; offer him 40 cows
  6. Refuse to dicker; offer him 60 cows.

After purchasing the eggs, you'll get the following dialogue:

What do you do with the duck eggs?

  1. Cook and serve them to prominent carls.
  2. Cook and serve them to the clan ring.
  3. Cook and serve the to top weaponthanes.
  4. Give the eggs to the Marsh Ducks.
  5. Give the eggs to <name> Ducks.
  6. Keep the eggs.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you give the eggs to <name> Ducks:
At first, Longtail, the querulous chief of the <name> Ducks, flew into a rage, calling us eggthieves. But once he calmed down, he seemed happy, and gave us gifts.

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