Ducks: Aid for Upland Marsh


Random Event

The ducks have ever been the first line of defense against the undead in the Upland Marsh.  However, a little extra aid would never be unwelcome.

Event Dialogue

Ducks from a place they call the Upland Marsh, accompanied by warriors of the <X> clan, petition you for aid in their fight against the undead creatures of the marsh.  "The ghouls and zombies have grown very strong of late, and it is time something was done about them.  We are ready to mount a serious assault on them.  We want your devotees of Humakt to enact a ritual at your temple, one which will strengthen our sword-arms and weaken our unliving foes."  They offer you twenty-five cows in exchange for this service.
  1. Accept their offer.
  2. Ask for higher compensation.
  3. Perform the ritual, asking nothing in return.
  4. Perform the ritual in exchange for an alliance between your clans.
  5. Refuse them.

King of Dragon Pass


Be aware that if you try to perform the ritual, there is no guarantee of success.  A success will also increase your reputation with the ducks and the <X> clan, although the more you ask, the lower the request.

  • The basic offer, you may get a better offer with one of the other options if you are so inclined.
  • If you have a good negotiator, you probably will get higher compensation.  However, if you fail in the ritual, there will be a greater decrease to your reputation.
  • Asking for nothing is the best way to increase your reputation, even if you fail the ritual.
  • If you are sufficiently persuasive, asking for an alliance will be a success. 
  • Refusing them is a good way to get on the bad side of the ducks and the <X>, as well as letting the undead spread.

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