Duelist from Holy Country


Random Event

Notable Rewards Bit That Bound Vivamort
Helm of Karse
Sacred Mark of Vingkot

Weaponthanes are usually driven individuals, though some take it even further, searching for the greatest challenges.

Event Dialogue

A bold young warrior named <X> seeks a duel with a champion of your clan.  "Rumor has it <Your clan name> clan is home to many skillful warriors.  I have come all the way from the Holy Country in search of worthy opponents, for in my homeland none can match me.  Are your warriors as brave as they say?" 
  1. Allow the duel, but only to first blood
  2. Allow the duel, but with battle magic disallowed
  3. Allow the duel, if he wagers something valuable
  4. Allow the duel
  5. Refuse to permit the duel

King of Dragon Pass


Winning the duel (options 1-4) raises the esteem of your weaponthanes.

  • You are free to refuse the duel, but doing can alienate your weaponthanes.
  • If you do participate in a duel, there is a chance your champion may die.  Picking to first blood or without magic definitely increases their chance of survival.
  • This is an event in which you can win a treasure, though you have to wager something of value as well (whether another treasure or silver).

Additional Notes

You may very well see this event happen more than once, allowing you to win more than one treasure.  However, if you get all the available treasures, then the duelist will just wager silver.

Also, you may kill the duelist in the fight, but the event should recycle with a different named duelist.

Need to Confirm:  If your warrior is slain, whether you can Ressurect them or not.


Note:  The Sacred Mark of Vingkot is actually a tattoo.  If your warrior wins the fight, but kills the duelist, then you won't receive the mark (since the man who can make it is dead).

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