Dwarf: Dire Warning


Chain Event

Happens when Bad relations with Dwarfs
Next Dwarf: Clan Destruction

Even as mechanically inclined the dwarven mind is, that doesn't mean they aren't unfeeling, however stunted.  As such, you can drive them to a war-footing...

Event Dialogue

Dwarfs come to your tula to deliver a warning.  "Much offense have you given to the schedule.  Unacceptable, unacceptable.  Vermin not be permitted to further harm schedule.  Interfere no further, or we force to kill, kill, kill.  Present calculations guess we kill eight in ten your people, we attack.  Also kill eight in ten your people, we attack.  Also kill eight in ten animal matter, take in eight in ten plant matter, destroy eight in ten buildings.  Would mean end of your clan.  Not want to do it, for time loss would also harm schedule.  By you keep going this way, you worse harm to schedule than us kill you.  Understand?
  1. Ask them to leave.
  2. Listen to them, but make no commitments.
  3. Offer them compensation.
  4. Promise not to offend them any further.
  5. Take them hostage.

King of Dragon Pass


  • The dwarves will leave when asked, but relations are still at a bad level. 
  • Similar to above, listening to the dwarves may improve relations slightly, but making no comittment means things are still tense with the dwarves.
  • Offering compensation will please the dwarves; the greater the amount, the better relations.  You will be asked whether you wish to give treasure or goods.
  • Promising to do better will improve relations slightly, but things remain tense unless something else is done.
  • Taking dwarves hostage allows you to ransom them for goods.  You are more than likely to get what you ask for, but don't be surprised if this leads to Dwarf: Clan Destruction.

Note:  If you have a chance, underoing the Issaries the Concilliator heroquest will improve relations with the dwarfs if you choose them from the outsider choice.

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