Dwarf Containers for Sale
Canned food for sale, get it while it's canned.


Random Event

Requires Dwarf Mine discovered
Notable Rewards Dwarf Containers

Just because something is exotic doesn't make it valuable...

Event Dialogue

Traders from the <X clan> come to offer you what they say is a fabulous treasure.  They have a number of magical containers they got from the dwarfs, mysterious beings who live in that strange mountain to the northwest.  The traders want to know if you wish to trade for some of these treasures.  They will take another treasure in return, or 50 cows worth of silver.
  1. Offer them 25 cows worth of silver
  2. Offer them 50 cows worth of silver
  3. Politely decline their offer
  4. Suggest another clan that might be interested
  5. Trade treasure for treasure

King of Dragon Pass


Remember, just because something is relatively exotic doesn't make it valuable, and this is the case here.  Technically, the Dwarf Containers are a treasure, but not really one you should spend too much silver on, let alone another treasure.  If you must have them, then try to bargain for the 25 cows value.

The reason?  It is simply food.  Bad tasting food at that.  It will give a bump to your food stores, but not enough to be worth the trade. 

If you do get it, then you may wish to trade them away (such as a situation where another treasure is the medium of exchange, or try to make a profit by trading it to another clan).

You can suggest another clan might be interested, but their impression of you may lower to find they've been cheated as well.

Note:  This event won't occur until you find the Dwarf Mine


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