Dwarf Emissary: Trade Mission


Random Event

Requires Dwarf Mine discovered
Notable Rewards Necklace of Axes

Dragon Pass is the home of many peoples, and they naturally have their own interest.  One group, the Dwarves, decide to pay a visit...

Event Dialogue

Dwarfs come to the clan hall with demands.  The leader reads from a document written in the peculiar script of the dwarfs:  "Minecell Z require support.  You big defect in World Machine in present.  You want to fix defect, you hand over <treasure>.  No fix defect, big problem."
  1. Give the dwarfs what they want
  2. Insist they compensate you for the treasure
  3. Kill the dwarfs
  4. Lie and tell the dwarfs you don't have the <treasure>
  5. Tell them to leave and not come back.
  6. Offer thralls instead of the treasure.

King of Dragon Pass

Addendum:  If you don't have any thralls, option 6 won't appear.

Minor variations:  You will get some slight difference in flavor text in other appearances instead of "Minecell Z", such as:

  • "Batch 794 require test case"


  • You may kill the dwarves, but realize that this will anger them. 
  • It is possible to lie to them, but if they detect the falsehood, they will press the exchange. 
  • The dwarves may become violent when you tell them to leave, or refuse to give them the requested treasure.
  • If you give the dwarves what they wish, they will give you a treasure in exchange, the Necklace of Axes.
  • If you hand thralls over, the dwarves are ecstatic, but the other [clans] will lower their respect for you.  After all, you don't give other Orlanthi to inhumans.  Also, the dwarves will take a large number of your thralls in exchange, so you may be short of workers.


  1. You must discover the Dwarf Shaft to have a chance of getting this encounter, and you must find it in Dwarf Valley first.  (Sometimes you discover the Dwarf Shaft) instead of the fortress in Dwarf Valley
  2. This is one encounter where you must give up to gain another treasure.  Realize most treasures are irreplaceable, so think carefully before giving the dwarves what they request.  However, there are some treasures that are replaceable (such as the Spirit Fetch or the items earned from heroquests).  The Sorcerous Implements are also a good choice to exchange since they curse your tula.
  3. The dwarves may come more times with another request.  The second time, they won't have any other treasures for exchange, but will give you a good number of goods instead.


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