Dwarf Mine


Exploration Event

Area Dwarf Valley
Notable Rewards Voss Varainu Tapestry
Previous Dwarf Shaft

If you're searchings in the Dwarf Shaft bear fruit, you will end up here...

Event Dialogue

The exploration party you sent to the disused mine returns to report a remarkable series of events.  They fell down a hole in the shaft and found themselves in the middle of a community of Mostali, or dwarfs.  (There were humans there, too, ones who acted just like dwarfs.)  The underground kingdom is called Dwarf Mine.  The dwarfs told your explorers that they were "ahead of schedule," which seemed to please them.  They even gained an audience with the King of the dwarfs, Isidilian.  After Isidilian asked them many questions , they were allowed to leave.
  1. Sacrifice to the gods for protection from dwarfs.
  2. Send a trade delegation.
  3. Send gifts to Isidilian.
  4. Spread the news to other clans.
  5. Send <Trickster> to take a treasure from them.

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  Option 5 only appears if you have a trickster (follower of Eurmal) on the ring.


Remember, just because you came across the dwarves, don't assume they are automatically your friends. 

  • At this point, you haven't made enemies of the dwarves, so you shouldn't have to ask for protection.
  • You may send a trade delegation, but the dwarves won't create a general trade route.
  • If you send gifts to their king, you will rise in esteem with the dwarves
  • Some clans will appreciate the news, others won't, thereby raising or lowering their opinion of you.
  • If you have a trickster on your clan ring, this is a chance to gain a treasure, the Voss Varainu Tapestry.  Be aware that it seems to be luck whether you get the treasure or not.  Failure may result in the loss of half your men, or your entire party.  You may wish to have a save spot before this point if you go for the item.  Of course, the act of taking the treasure will anger the dwarves.  A smaller party does seem to work better, though.


  • You should be safe if you take the treasure.  While it is certainly possible to anger the dwarves, enough they destroy your clan, it is one of the more unlikely occurrences. 
  • Successfully gaining the treasure still means the loss of two warriors, so you may decide not to send weaponthanes along.


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