Dwarf Shaft


Exploration Event

Area Dwarf Valley
Previous Discovering Dwarf Valley
Next Dwarf Mine

What race can you think of that lives deep underground...

Event Dialogue

While exploring around that bizarre-statue covered mountain, your people find a disused mine shaft.  A hunch made <X> take them a long way into it.  As they descended into its depths, they heard sounds.  Before proceeding much further, they decided to come back home for advice.
  1. Investigate the sounds.
  2. Perform a divination ritual.
  3. Sacrifice to the gods for protection from underground mysteries.
  4. Sell the information to another clan.
  5. Stay away.

King of Dragon Pass



  • Investigating the sounds may take you to a part even further deeper in the mine shaft.  Be aware that this is no guarantee of success.
  • Divination will tell you who made the shaft, though divinations are known to be wrong.
  • Sacrificing to the gods can be a good idea when dealing with the unknown, but it is usually wasted in this case.
  • Other clans may pay you for the information. 
  • Sometimes, staying away is the best course.  By making contact with the dwarves, they will now know of the presence of Orlanthi.


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