Dwarf Thralls


Random Event

Requires Dwarf Mine discovered

Some Orlanthi don't believe in taking fellow humans as thralls, but most clans don't have a problem when the thralls aren't human...

Event Dialogue

<X> and her assistant, <Y> of the <Z>, comes to offer you thralls.  "These are dwarfs, who come from the underground tula called Dwarf Mine.  They behaved improperly towards us, so we took them as thralls.  They are hard workers, and do not complain.  We need fine horses, and so will reluctantly part with this pair of dwarfs for a quartet of stallions.
  1. Agree to the price; free the dwarfs.
  2. Agree to the price; use them as thralls.
  3. Decline their offer.
  4. Offer them two stallions instead of four.
  5. Speak out against the taking of thralls.

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you take the dwarf thralls, your clan magic increases if your ancestors practiced thralldom.  Be aware, though, the dwarves will die shortly as they don't have the proper nourishment to survive your care.  It is likely the dwarves will also distrust you for keeping some of their folk as thralls.
  • If you free the dwarves, your clan magic increases if your ancestors didn't practice thralldom.  If you managed to bargain the price down, the dwarves respect will increase as well (they do value efficiency and thrift.)
  • It is possible to convince the merchants to free the dwarves as well, though their clan has no qualms practicing thralldom.
  • Declining their offer does no good or ill.

Note:  This event doesn't occur until you find the Dwarf Mine

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