All the carls are overjoyed by the Earthsharker Plow Team. Not only did they produce long, straight furrows with a minimum of effort, but they have enhanced our clan magic.

–Clan Thane, King of Dragon Pass


The Earthshaker Plow Team is a treasure that will help you during the harvest. It consists of triceratops trained specifically for the peacable purpose of working on the farm. They increase the total yield of your harvest, but they also eat a ton. They're the peaceful alternative to the Earthshaker Battle Unit.


Increases clan magic during planting season; eats as much as 24 cows.


This treasure requires the completion of a chain of events, starting with the finding of a Triceratops Skeleton in your fields.


The Triceratops Plow Team is a finite item, though it does seem to last between 20-30 years (longer than the Earthshaker Battle Unit)

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