The ending for the short-game comes about after events in Einarth Milk-Eyes : Return.

Ten long years have gone by, and amazingly, Einarth is still alive.  He comes to give you the gods verdict on your clans actions.

Note:  Individual results will vary such as the number of cattle, your relations with your neighbors, the amount of goods, the number of successfully completed heroquests, etc.

Einarth Good Ending 10 Year

Event:  Success

The prophet Einarth Milk-Eyes returns to congratulate you for successfully living up to the promise of the ten-year ring.  "The names of <Monarch> and her <Your Clan> clan shall forever be remembered, for your rule over the <Y> tribe has been a successful one.  The other kings of Dragon Pass envy you, and wish to emulate your wisdom.  The gods smiled upon your quests.  The many great deeds of your clan will be celebrated in verse, when you are gone to the Halls of the Dead, your descendants will gain strong magic from these memories.  There have been other kings in our history who have made great ten-year rings," Einarth continued, "but few can outshine your clan's record of generous and heroic deeds.  In thundering martial verse, people will recall the might of your warriors.  Your success in trade is the envy of all.  Your success in keeping your clan magic strong shall serve as a positive lesson for others.  You have done all these things while still maintaining the esteem of your neighbors, and that is good," Einarth concluded.  "It is not easy to be strong without arousing the envy of the weak.  <Monarch> must be praised, and so should every one of you.  Feast now my friends.  Feast the feast of the victorious."

King of Dragon Pass

Einarth Bad Ending 10 Year

Event:  Failure

The prophet Einarth Milk-Eyes returns to claim the golden armband he gave you when he initiated the ceremony of the ten-year ring.  "It is a sad day," he says, "and the starts have not smiled on you.  <Monarch> is alive and still rules, but your clan has not shown that it can walk in the footsteps of the gods.  You failed to complete all the heroquests that would have let you keep the ring.  The gods will withhold their favor from you if you claim the honor of a ten-year ring, so I am here to take it from you.  Keeping it will only poison your chances of recovering from your shame."  The honey of hoped-for victory has turned into bitter ashes of defeat.  "Your failure comes despite a record of generous and heroic deeds," Einarth says. "For it is not great deeds alone that make a clan, but also the judicious husbanding of your resources.  Although you have not been successful, you can take consolation in the health and size of your herds.  Your failure is mitigated by your large force of brave warriors.  Your success in trade should provide some relief in these dark days.  You can at least point to your magic, and say that it is strong.  At least you still maintain the esteem of your neighbors, and that is good," Einarth concluded.  "Otherwise, the other clans might have descended upon you like wolves, sensing your weakness."  Einarth leaves with the ten year ring, and disappointment reigns.

King of Dragon Pass

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