Einarth 10YearArmband

Short Game: The Ten-Year Ring

A while after you form your tribe, if you are playing the Short Game, and if one of your clan members is king, he will return:

The renowned prophet, Einarth Milk-Eyes, comes to your clan hall, bearing a great armband. "In a dream, I saw storm cats attending the birth of your new king, <name>. I heard the thunder of Orlanth's approving war-shout. I smelled the forge of Gustbran the Smith, making something to herald this day. When I awoke, I found this golden armband at my feet, and I knew that is was your ten-year ring. Hang it high in your hall, among the spirits of your tribe, safe from thieves and bad spirits."

King of Dragon Pass


"Use the ring's magic to strengthen you, and prove your worth to Orlanth by his dragon-slaying heroquest. Use it's magic to gain another deity's blessing by heroquest. Use its magic to prosper," he instructed. "Ten years from now, if <name> is still king, if your herds are strong, and your neighbors respect you, you will have won a great victory, and will be remembered in the sagas."
  1. Compose a poem about the ten-year ring.
  2. Express your gratitude to Orlanth with a sacrifice.
  3. Give gifts to Einarth.
  4. Hold a feast to consecrate the ten-year ring.
  5. Thank Einarth and send him on his way.

King of Dragon Pass

Einarth prophet tribe

Old Prophet telling of the great tribe your clan will form

Long Game: Travelling with Six Gods


The renowned prophet, Einarth Milk-Eyes, wanders onto the tula and into the clan hall. "I see before me a tribe, a tribe with a journey to make. The path will be cleared by homage to Orlanth, treading the steps he has taken before. The tribe will travel not alone, but in the company of six other gods. Before the path reaches its end, the wayfarers must visit the god-plane for each of the deities that go with them. I cannot make out what is at the destination, but it is something new. Ah, I see glory, if these clan halls contain sufficient resolve and courage."

  1. Honor Einarth with gifts.
  2. Throw a feast to celebrate.
  3. Than einarth for bringing us his prophecy.
  4. Embark on the "Orlanth and Aroka" heroquest right away.
  5. Ask him for more details of his visions.

King of Dragon Pass

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