Elmali Request


Random Event

Sometimes, a person comes before the ring, asking for the assistance of a whole clan.  Be wary, for while generosity is admired, sometimes the beseecher is not capable of the task.

Event Dialogue

<X>, an accomplished holy warrior of Elmal, comes to your clan looking for your aid in a great heroquest.  "Our people are cursed by fighting and dissension.  Hendriki fight Heortlanders.  People in Dragon Pass squabble.  Differences are more important than similarities.  I wish to go to the realm of the gods, so that Orlanth may fight me.  Then people will be loyal and united again.  I need your magic to help me."

1.  Do as <X> asks.
2.  Recruit other clans to share the magical burden of support.
3.  "We cannot help you, our magic is weak."
4.  "We cannot help you; it is too risky."
5.  "Your idea is foolish, <X>."

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you do as <X> asks, you will bear the entire cost of his request, losing a bit of magic (around 4 points?).  This may be hard to justify, especially at the start of the game.
  • You may try to recruit other clans to share the magic burden.  If you are on good terms with your neighbors, they are likely to accede to your request.  Success will have your magic decrease, but only a point or two as other clans join in the endeavor.  Failure will leave your magic at the same level, but <X> leaves in anger.
  • If you refuse to help <X>, stating, '...our magic is weak," make sure you're telling the truth.  Lying will have <X> go off in a rage, seriously hurting one of your ring members.  However, if your magic is truly low, he will understand.
  • General refusal, based on the risk will may incite a rage in <X> in which he hurts one of your clan ring.
  • Possibly the worst choice, telling <X> his idea is foolish will definitely set the Elmali off.  He will go on a rampage, injuring some of your people in the process.

Further note:  From all the playthroughs, it doesn't look like <X> ever meets with success.  So, unless you have magic to burn, you may wish to refuse him, even at the risk of injury to your clan.

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