Elves Captured and Wounded


Random Event

Requires Elf-hater on the ring

One of the members of your clan ring has had enough, and orders the weaponthanes into the woods to capture as many elves as they encounter so as to bring about a final encounter.

Event Dialogue

Weaponthanes of your clan return from a sudden trip into the woods, dragging with them three captured elves, one of whom is severely wounded.  At first, it is hard to figure out why the weaponthanes did this, but then <Ring Member> begins to exult in this great victory.  He/she sent the weaponthanes on the mission.  "Now, finally, we shall have our final confrontation with the accursed elves!  They will come here to rescue the hostages, and then we shall burn them all, as if they were nothing more than dry twigs!"
  1. Prepare for an elf attack.
  2. Release the elves.
  3. Remove <Ring Member> from the ring, and release the elves.
  4. Scold <Ring Member> and release the elves.
  5. Send a delegation to the elf camp to negotiate ransom for the prisoners.

King of Dragon Pass


Note:  If the elves are your ancestral enemies, then any action which ultimately harms the elves, or weakens them (Options 1 and 5) will give an increase in clan magic, while releasing the elves (Options 2, 3, 4) will lessen your clan magic.

  • Preparing for an elf attack will be a waste of your time.  The forest folk don't fight in that fashion.  As a result, your prisoners will wither, and then die.
  • Releasing the elves improves relations slightly with the elves, but it is an overall loss since the capture definitely worsened things to begin with.
  • Releasing the elves in combination with removing the <Ring Member> or scolding the <ring member> gives a bit more positive response from the elves, with a scolding not giving as much an increase as actually removing the <Ring Member>.
  • Ransoming the elves will net you some healing supplies, though this doesn't calm the forest folk.

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