Emissary Bearing Gifts


Random Event

Generosity is a prime virtue of Orlanth, but the more cynical would also say that it is a polite way to show everyone just how well you are doing...

Event Dialogue

<X>, a prosperous herdsman of the <Y> clan, has come as an emissary from his clan leaders.  He has gifts for you; he says that they are worth <#> cows altogether.
  1. Accept the gifts.
  2. Accept the gifts; throw a feast for <Y> thanes.
  3. Give <X> a reciprocal gift.
  4. Refuse to accept the gifts.
  5. Threaten to raid them unless they give you more.

King of Dragon Pass


  • There is nothing wrong with just accepting a gift.  There is a societal expectation that you maintain good terms with the gift-giver, if for no other reason you don't harm one who has just done you good.  Of course, you are free to do as you please.
  • If you accept the gift, and then throw a feast, you show you hold the gift-giver in high regard, especially considering a feast may cost more than the gifts received.  Naturally, the other clan's regard for you increases.
  • If you don't want to be obligated to another clan, but don't want to go to the expense of a feast, then choose to give reciprocal gifts.  The other clan will respect you for it, since generosity on both sides means each clan doesn't view the other as an enemy.
  • If you wish to intimidate the other gift givers, you can certainly refuse the gift.  There is no requirement for a clan to take a gift, and it sends a loud message that you don't respect the gift-giver in that instance.  It should be obvious the respect the other clan holds will drop with your refusal.
  • If you want to try to get more 'gifts' then your threat may work.  Of course, if the other clan feels sure of itself, then it won't give into this extortion.  Needless to say, your reputation will drop with the other clan.

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