If your desire for vengeance proves all-encompassing, you may very well drive a foe to extinction...

Event Dialogue

Our patrols report that the <X> clan has disbanded.  It seems that after our last raid, they realized that they did not have enough cattle to continue as a clan.  Some of them went to the <Y clan>, others to the <Z clan>, and a few went back to Heortland.  Some refused to migrate, saying they preferred to exact vengeance on us from the safety of the hills and woods.
  1. Search the abandoned tula for valuables the <X clan> may have left behind.
  2. Throw a feast for the warriors to celebrate our victory over the <X clan>
  3. Compose a poem about our victory.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Searching the abandoned tula may reveal a small amount of trade goods, but it is just as likely to reveal nothing.
  • Throwing a feast for your victory honors your warriors, and raises the mood of the entire clan.
  • If one of your ring members possesses a bardic nature, then composing a poem will bring renown for your prowess, and may garner a small amount of magic.


  • This event appears if an opposing clan loses enough cattle, and is unable to sustain itself. 
  • This is one event that lacks a background picture. 

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