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Shrine, Temple & Great Temple

Heroquest Ernalda Feeds the Tribe
Myths Ernalda Feeds the Tribe (myth)
Uralda's Blessing (myth)

Ernalda is the mother goddess, the Queen of the Earth. She is the wife of Orlanth. You may choose her as your main goddess during clan creation.

Shrines and Temples

In Ernalda's honor, you can build a shrine, a temple or a great temple.


If you sacrifice to Ernalda, she may bless you with the following :

  • Bless Children : Increases the fertility of women.
  • Bless Crops : Improves crop yield, especially of barley.
  • Preserve : Helps preserve food against spoilage.
  • Swine Blessing : Increases the fertility of sows.

On the Ring

Having a worshipper of Ernalda on the Ring allows you to put more magic in Crops during Sacred Time.



Ernalda is part of a large family of gods. Born into the Earth Tribe, her mother is Asrelia, the goddess of treasures. She has a terrible aunt, Ty Kora Tek, goddess of the dead.

Her counterpart, the goddess of earthquakes, the grim Maran Gor is her sister.

Ernalda has many children, including Aldrya and Esra. She is also considered to be the spiritual mother of the animal mothers, like Uralda, Nevala and Mralota.

She married into the Storm Tribe, and with Orlanth, had one child, Barntar.

  • Orlanth once slew a snake which seemed to threaten Ernalda.  She was vexed, for the serpent was a gift from her sisters.
  • Ernalda said, "Don't poke at the wasp's nest without a net on your head and gloves on your hands.

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