Ernalda Feeds the Tribe is a heroquest, where the quester enters the godplane to assume the role of Ernalda, the Earth Mother, to recover her lost relatives in order to ward off starvation for the Storm Tribe.


You can read the full myth in game, from your lore screen, or at Ernalda Feeds the Tribe (myth).


If you successfully complete this heroquest, you can ask one of the following:

  • Make the quester stronger (Confirmed:  It raises Animal, Leadership, Plants)
  • Increase food production,
  • Make the carls happier,
  • Make the cows healthier,
  • Make peace with the elves,
  • Get a treasure.

Additionally, the successful completion of this heroquest will aid cattle fertility, grain yield, and farmer productivity for about 3 years.

The Quester

There is one restriction to your choice of quester for this quest:

  • Men cannot attempt Ernalda's quest.

Keep in mind that Ernalda worshippers will have a better chance at succeeding.

Note that this quest requires your quester to be wounded, which will incapacitate them for a while, so you may not want to send a ring member.


The following are the answers that best stick to the original myth of the heroquest. Note that even all the correct options will have a chance to fail, and that choosing an answer that diverges from the myth also has a chance to succeed.

  • Ernalda is supposed to get wounded by Daga at the beginning of the myth, so even if it's counter-intuitive, suffering his blows has the best chance of success. The other options will throw you out of the gods realm, or into limbo.
  • In the myth, Ernalda convinces the Aldryami that she is not a traitor, making that option have the best chance at success. Reminding them that they are your grandchildren or that Daga's drought will affect them too also have a chance of success.
  • Ernalda is supposed to tell Maran Gor that without Barntar, there will be no reason to fight. This is the option with the best chance at success. Giving her blood might work, and telling her that love is stronger than hate has a slim chance of succeeding.
  • In the myth, Ernalda tells Ty Kora Tek that Uralda and Esra will make life where there should be death, making this the best option to choose. Telling her the people will starve also has a good chance at success. Attempting to exchange them for others might work and working the aunt angle have a higher failure chance.
  • According to the myth, telling the terrible woman that she is your daughter and should let you pass, as well as telling her that you will die and she will seek to avenge you are the best courses of action to take. Giving her blood or magic have a lower chance at succeeding.


Choosing your main benefit, should you succeed (the starting text will vary, depending on the number of worshippers you have etc):

The myth begins with an attack on Ernalda by an enemy, which causes starvation within the Storm Tribe. She goes on a journey to recover Barntar, Esra, and Uralda, the lost gods who will enable her to feed the tribe.

What benefit does <Quester> seek from this heroquest?

  1. Bring back a treasure.
  2. Increase crop yields.
  3. Make peace with the elves.
  4. Make the cows healthy.
  5. Reconcile the grievances of the carls.
  6. Strengthen the quester.

King of Dragon Pass

Entering the realm of the gods:

As soon as she appears in the realm of the gods, <Quester> is attacked by a cackling, skeletal figure. It is Daga, god of Drought.

  1. Convince Daga to mend his evil ways.
  2. Fight back.
  3. Leave the realm of the gods.
  4. Run away.
  5. Suffer Daga's blows.

King of Dragon Pass

Note:  If you choose to run away from Daga, your quester may find herself in Limbo.

Meeting the Aldryami:

<Quester> knows that many things which seem to be dead are really just hiding in the earth. Daga has dried up many things, and so the usual holes in the earth are gone. <Quester> needs to find a new way of making a hole. So <Quester> goes to Ernalda's grandchildren, the Aldryami, and asks them for one of their seeds. The elves are reluctant to help. "You abandoned us, Ernalda, and joined our enemies, the meat-men. These meat-men, this new tribe of yours, they are forest-killers. And those who kill forests kill us."

  1. Convince them you are no traitor.
  2. Leave the realm of the gods.
  3. Offer them a gift of magic.
  4. Remind them that they are your grandchildren.
  5. Tell them that Daga's drought will affect them, too.

King of Dragon Pass

Meeting Maran Gor:

The seed is called Adborl, and it is a burrowing thing that makes a big tunnel into the earth for <Quester>. <Quester> goes into the tunnel, where she finds Ernalda's terrible sister, Maran Gor, the earthquake goddess. She has taken Barntar as her thrall. "Your son, he helps me to break up the earth into pieces, so that I can hurl it at our enemies. You think that this fight with Orlanth's nephew was a terrible thing, but it is merely the barbringer of what is to come. The kinstrife he caused will soon bring about other bad things. Three bad gods will force Orlanth to give him their blessing, and together they will make a god that is worse than all of them put together. I need Barntar to help me fight them."

  1. Look for Esra and Uralda.
  2. Leave the realm of the gods.
  3. "Love is stronger than hate."
  4. Offer her blood in exchange for Barntar.
  5. Offer her earthshakers in exchange for Barntar.
  6. "Without Barntar to plow the lands, there will be no reason to fight."

King of Dragon Pass

Meeting Ty Kora Tek:
Ernalda feeds tribe

<Quester> goes further into the tunnel, where she finds the cavern of Ernalda's terrible aunt, Ty Kora Tek, goddess of the dead. Ty Kora Tek has been collecting dead souls in her cavern. During the troubles with Daga, Uralda and Esra wandered in, seeking protection. <Quester> asks Ty Kora Tek to release the two bountiful goddesses. But Ty Kora Tek refuses: "What comes into my realm cannot come back out again. I cannot set a bad precedent now and just let out anyone who has a good reason to leave. Very bad times are coming, the halls of the dead will soon be fill to bursting with the slain."

  1. Continue the quest.
  2. "Esra and Uralda will disturb things here, making life where there should be death."
  3. Leave the realm of the gods.
  4. "Take others of the storm tribe in exchange for these two."
  5. "Without Esra and Uralda, the people will starve."
  6. "You are my aunt, you must listen to my pleas."

King of Dragon Pass

When a terrible woman blocks their way:

<Quester> seeks to leave the earthen tunnel with the gods she has rescued. But a terrible woman blocks their way, looking fierce and brandishing an axe. "You cannot leave here. The tribe is sundered, and cannot be so easily mended. Your man committed kinstrife, and so I, who have not been born yet, have been charged with the task of keeping broken things broken."

  1. "I myself will come to the place of the dead, and you will seek to avenge me."
  2. "I will give you blood if you let us pass."
  3. "I will give you magic if you let me pass."
  4. Leave the realm of the gods.
  5. "You are my daughter, and so must let me pass."

King of Dragon Pass




You may earn only one treasure on this heroquest:

However, if you lose/trade it away, you can undergo the heroquest again to earn another one.

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