Strangers appear on the bounds of your tula.  Though not from any clan you know, they are clearly Orlanthi, and seek sanctuary...

Escaped Refugees
Fleeing refugees


Random Event

Next Reclaiming the Refugees

Event Dialogue

A group of refugees come to our tula, seeking help. They seem to be Orlanthi. "We sought land to the west of here, and were captured and enslaved by cruel horse nomads. Loving freedom, we escaped. Yet our escape has cost us much. We beg you to aid us.

  1. Adopt them as family.
  2. Force them to be thralls.
  3. Send them to a neighboring clan.
  4. Turn them away.
  5. Conduct a divination ritual.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Conducting a divination costs 1 magic, but is always a good idea: you never know what it might reveal.
  • Adopting them will increase your magic if your ancestors traditionally adopted strangers as family, or decrease your magic if your ancestors kept thralls. You will be given the choice whether to make them cottars or carls. Be aware that making them carls will anger your farmers.
  • Taking them as thralls will increase your magic if your ancestors kept slaves, or decrease it if your ancestors adopted strangers as family. Your farmers will be happy to take on slaves, as it decreases their work load.
  • If you are suffering from over population, you may want to either turn them away, or send them to your neighbors.

Beware: the Grazers will come looking for their slaves in Reclaiming the Refugees.

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