Experienced Warrior Offers Services


Random Event

An experienced warrior is worth his weight in silver, and can often turn the tide of battle in your favor...

Event Dialogue

<X>, a man who moves with the confidence of an experienced warrior, applies for refuge in your clan.  He is a proud warrior, and doesn't like being reduced to begging for help, but he has little wish to be a bandit in the hills. 
  1. Give him a place in the chief's hall.
  2. Give him hospitality for the night, but send him on his way.
  3. Offer him quarters in the fort.
  4. Recommend his services to an allied clan.
  5. Send him packing.

King of Dragon Pass


  • <X> is a very a capable warrior, so you may wish to recruit himResidence in the chief's hall is a place of honor, though, and if you give it to a stranger, the morale of your weaponthanes will suffer since <X> hasn't earned the spot.
  • Your general reputation will increase slightly since you showed <X> hospitality, but otherwise little changes.
  • <X> usually will accept quarters in the fort, and you will find him a valuable addition.  If you pick this option, the weaponthanes will have no problem with his presence. 
  • If <X> does well with his new clan, he will give a small reward to the clan ring.  If <X> doesn't make a good fit, he continues his wandering.
  • You may send him packing, though there is little reason to do so.  Your weaponthanes will not be pleased with the disrespect given to <X>.

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