Family Feud I: Horse Theft


Chain Event

Next Eye of the Tempest

Even when a clan does its best to keep peace (or as much peace as Orlanthi can do), all it takes is one familial disagreement to start a major blood feud...

Event Dialogue

Glendara, a prosperous carl of your[clan, comes before you to complain that her prize stallion, Tempest, has been stolen.  Although no one saw the theft, Glendara is certain that it was committed by the sons of Rangarda Dark-Eyes, a well-off carl of the <X> clan.  "Many times has she offered to buy that horse, and many times did I refuse her.  It is the most beautiful stallion in all of Dragon Pass, and I would not let her have it.  So she has ordered her sons to steal it.
  1. Launch a legal claim against Rangarda Dark-Eyes.
  2. Launch a raid against the <X> clan.
  3. Offer her compensation.
  4. Persuade her to forget the matter.
  5. "This is not a matter for the clan."

King of Dragon Pass

Variant:  If you are in the same tribe as the <X>, option 1 will be changed to launch a claim in a tribal moot.


  • Launching a claim will do little good as the <X> just don't have enough proof to condemn Rangarda, even if you are at your most persuasive.  Needless to say, Glendara isn't pleased by this turn of events.
  • Be careful if you raid the <X>.  Success will improve clan morale, since you supported your people, but failure will worsen morale since the actions of one family has led the clan into war, and the ring didn't rise above it.  (This can be a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation).  Needless to say, you won't find the horse, and the <X> will be furious.
  • Neither compensation nor persuasion will assauge Glendara.  She wants her horse back. 
  • If you stand by the assertion "this is not a matter for the clan", then try to have good persuasion skill.  Success may have the rest of the clan agree and improve morale, while failure will have your clan angry at not supporting one of its own.

Variant:  Within the same tribe, you will have an easier chance getting compensation for the theft, even without direct evidence.  Of course, this may entail bribes, and war-whooping warriors at the tribal moot.

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