Family Feud III: Fallen Sons


Chain Event

Previous Eye of the Tempest
Next Sins of the Father

Event Dialogue

Brodasart, son of the prosperous carl Glendara, has been slain in an ambush.  Friends, who were with him when he was attacked, report that the assailants were relatives of Rangarda Dark-Eyes of the <X> clan.  According to his friends, the killers said to them, "Stand aside, for our quarrel is only with the family that killed our kinsman, not with others of the <Your> clan."  Everyone remembers the incident in which Rangarda stole Glendara's prize stallion, and Glendara's children slew one of Rangarda's sons while retrieving it.
  1. Compose a poem in honor of Brodasart.
  2. Encourage Glendara to swear off vengeance.
  3. Raid the <X> clan.
  4. Sacrifice to the gods in honor of Brodasart.
  5. Take no action.
  6. Warn <X> leaders that more killing may follow.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Composing a poem or sacrificing to the gods in honor of Brodasart, if successful, will reconcile the clan to his death.  Failure will anger them, as it is the ring's responsibilities to safeguard its people.
  • Encouraging Glendara to swear off vengeance may work in her time of grief.  However, your clan may grow angry.  After all, it was Rangarda's actions, and lies that brought things to this course.
  • A successful raid of <X> will improve clan morale, but fails to bring justice to Brodasart's killers.  Failure will just leave more bodies of your clan, and anger the people for letting things escalate.  Needless to say, the <X> will also grow angry.
  • Taking no action will leave your clan angry since the clan ring is supposed to protect its own.  Also, relations with <X> will worsen as they expect retaliation.
  • Warning the <X> leaders will keep your clan in good standing with them, but your own people will grow irritated as they see deferring to <X>, especially when it was the other clan that started the whole mess.

The next part of this continues in Family Feud IV:  Sins of the Father.

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