Family Feud IV: Sins of the Father


Chain Event

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Once started, it is very hard to rein in a feud.  Even if one side clearly started it, once enough blood is spill none are innocent...

Event Dialogue

Young boys of the <X> clan, not even men yet, come to your tula and attack another young boy with a sword.  Fortunately, the victim's mother, Domasa Glendarasdaughter, is able to separate the boys before any real harm can be done.  It turns out that the <X> boys are sons of Norpent Rangardasson, who was slain by Domasa and her late brother Brodasart when they recovered the stolen stallion Tempest from Rangarda Dark-Eyes.  The boys seek vengeance in their father's name, even they are too young to have a right to it.
  1. Convince the boys to renounce vengeance.
  2. Kill the boys.
  3. Let them go.
  4. Ransom the boys to the <X> clan.
  5. Take them back to their clan.

King of Dragon Pass


  • Though you may try, convincing the boys to renounce vengeance does little good.  Even if they agree, it is only because they are in the hands of the clan who slew their father.  However, both the <X> and your own clan won't take it amiss at your try to
  • Killing the boys will stop the fighting between the families by wiping out a whole generation.  However, the <X> will definitely go to war with you, and your own clan will grow angry at the slaying of youths who aren't considered adults by any stretch of word.
  • Letting the boys go achieves nothing, but neither does it cause any harm to <X>. 
  • You will certainly get a small sum of goods if you ransom the boys, but don't be surprised if relations with the <X> sour.
  • Returning the boys back to their clan will maintain relations with the <X>, though it does little to end the long running feud.

This arc continues next in Family Feud V: Blood Will Tell

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