Family Feud V: Blood Will Tell


Chain Event

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Bloodshed has a way of obscuring the past, even if it is soaked in it...

Event Dialogue

Robarth, a member of one of your most prosperous families of carls, is attacked by two brothers from the <X> clan.  His mother, Domasa Glendarasdaughter, looks on helplessly as they skirmish.  Robarth is wounded, but manages to slay one of the brothers, Burthalor.  This fight is a deadly reiteration of one that occurred about ten years ago, when all three combatants were children.  It grows from a long-running feud between the two families, which started when Burthalor's grandmother stole a fine stallion from Robarth's.
  1. Convince Burthalor's family to renounce further vengeance.
  2. Convince Robarth and his family to renounce further vengeance.
  3. Outlaw Robarth, Domasa, and all of their family members.
  4. Seek aid of <X> leaders in ending the feud.
  5. "This is not a matter for the clan."

King of Dragon Pass


  • Convincing Burthalor's family to renounce vengeance isn't going to be easy since they have lost more people, but with sufficient coaxing, and offered wergild, though should accept the end of the feud.  However, this may not end things...since Robarth was on the receiving end twice.
  • Convincing Robarth and family to renounce vengeance isn't easy either, though it is possible, especially considering it was Robarth waylaid twice by members of the <X> clan.
  • Outlawing Robarth and family will end the feud, but it will definitely enrage the members of your clan, considering Rangarda and her family started the whole mess, and kept it going.
  • Possibly the best option, getting aid from <X> leaders can work as long as you've maintained decent relations with them.  Both rings could weigh on the family to stop, if successful.
  • Once again, saying it isn't a matter for the clan lowers the good opinion the people have of how you handle matters, and it doesn't stop the next cycle from happening.


  • If you convince Burthalor to give up vengeance, Burthalor continues it in Family Feud VI: Hateful Birthright
  • If you convince Robarth to give up vengeance, Burthalor may continue it

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