Family of Travelers
Family of travellers


Random Event

A family of travelers may show up in your tula, asking for membership in your clan.

Event Dialogue

A family of travelers petitions you, seeking membership in your clan. The father, <name>, speaks on behalf of the others. His family made the dangerous trek from Esrolia, in search of freedom and prosperity. So far, they have found only misery. <name> promises hard work and loyalty in return for your generosity.
  1. Accept them as cottars.
  2. Assign them fine land and a starter herd.
  3. Assign them some land.
  4. Force them to be thralls.
  5. Offer to introduce them to the chieftain of the <other clan name> instead.
  6. Refuse them.

King of Dragon Pass


  • By accepting the travelers as cottars, you increase the number of people in your clan.  The only reason you may not wish to is if your clan is bursting at the gills.
  • If you take them in and give them herds, your carls will be displeased.
  • You can safely accept them into your clan and give them land, without your carls being too mad about it.
  • Forcing them to be thralls increases your workforce, and they don't require as much care as if you took them in as cottars or carls
  • The travelers may be disappointed, but successfully introducing them to another clan will improve relations with the clan.  However, if the other clan declines, your reputation will decline slightly.
  • Nothing drastic happens if you refuse the travelers, though the mood of your clan may decline slightly for not showing charity to fellow Orlanthi.


  • Beware, if your ancestors never kept thralls, forcing them to be thralls will hurt your clan magic. The shocking decision may also provoke a random noble to resign from the ring, upsetting farmers and weaponthanes alike.
  • If your ancestors did keep thralls, you may be forced to take them as thralls or send them away, accepting them may hurt your clan magic.

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