Favors Due (Magic and Heroquest)


Random Event

Requires A favor due

Beyond the barter of the marketplace, there is another economy going on, the owing and repayment of favors among the OrlanthiOrlanth help those who refuse to repay their debts...

Event Dialogue 1:  Magic Request

<X>, a thane of the <Y> clan, asks you for a gift of luck and divine favor on behalf of his people  He reminds you that you owe them a favor.
  1. Give him nothing.
  2. Give less than the customary amount.
  3. Give them more than the customary amount.
  4. Give them the customary amount.
  5. Offer him gifts instead.
  6. "Our clan magic is weak right now."

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you give the thane nothing, you still owe his clan a favor, and your reputation goes down.  Additionally, other clans are less likely to do you a favor as word gets around.
  • Giving away less than customary may mean you still owe the other clan a favor.  However, if they are generous (such as having good relations with your clan) they may consider the debt paid.
  • Giving more than the customary amount means the debt is repaid, and your reputation for generosity goes up.
  • Giving them the customary amount (which seems to be 3 units) simply makes you square, but it does mean you are trustworthy on repaying your debt.
  • If you don't have the magic, but still want to repay the debt, the other clan may accept gifts.  However, there is a fair chance they will refuse the gifts.  If so, you still owe them a debt.
  • If your clan magic is truly weak, then the other clan won't hold it against you for not repaying the favor.  If they catch you in a lie?  You still owe a favor, and your reputation suffers as a result.

Event Dialogue 2:  Heroquest Story Request

<X>, a thane of the <Y> clan, comes to ask you if you know the details of the "<random heroquest" story, and if you will share them with his clan.  "We wish to improve our ability to move about in the realm of the gods," he says.  He reminds you that you owe his clan a favor.
  1. Just make up the details.
  2. Offer him details of another story instead.
  3. Tell him what he wants to know.
  4. "We don't know these details."
  5. "We know, but we're not going to tell you."

King of Dragon Pass


  • If you make up the details, two things happen. Your magic immediately decreases as the gods are not pleased with your lies. A few seasons later, the other clan's heroquest will fail and your relationship with them will suffer.
  • If you don't know the requested story, or if you wish to simply give another, the other clan usually takes the offer, and considers the favor repaid.  However, they may insist on the original story, or they may already know the same stories you know, and then you still owe them a favor.
  • Giving them what they wish simply makes you square, though if you need a favor in the future they are more likely to do so.
  • If you don't know the details, there is no shame in admitting it.  If you lie, though, hope you don't get caught.  Either way, you still owe the other clan a favor.
  • If you know, but refuse to tell, then the other clan will grow angry.  You still owe them a favor, and your general reputation will go down.  You will also find fewer people willing to extend you a favor if you need one.

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